Daniel Jalkut on Asking for Help

All the bugs in our group were difficult. One day I was assigned a particularly vexing one. I had shown a knack for tracking down tricky issues, but this one stymied me. I hammered away at the bug but I couldn’t figure out the cause. I couldn’t even think of where to go next. I was petrified.

Red Sweater Blog – Ask For Help

Read the post, it’s worth it. The moral is, if you need help, ask for it. By the time I was at Apple, this was one of the things we drilled into new recruits, for precisely the reason that it could be paralyzing to be dropped into that environment. The company very much has a Do-It-Yourself culture, but not asking for help when you need it can be paralyzing and demoralizing, and totally unnecessarily so. It’s not a defect to need help once in awhile.

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