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Ross Perot and Scott McNealy

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

    Before they flew east, Alvy and Ed were apprehensive. They had heard strange things about Ross Perot from a credible source, Scott McNealy, the chief executive of Sun Microsystems, a rising young star in Silicon Valley. Scott talked about how he and Ross were supposed to meet at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport to shake hands on a deal. The terms had already been negotiated by their people, but the two leaders had never met in person.
    At O’Hare, Ross Perot sized up the younger man and asked: “Are you married?”
    “Where do you live?”
    That was all Ross Perot wanted to know.
    He stormed away. The deal was off.

The Second Coming of Steve Jobs

I heard this story awhile ago, but this is the only reference I can find to it in print.